Sushi Win
Like our name, our food is always a winner. We make sure our seafood for our sushi is freshest and most delicious for our customers to enjoy. Here at Sushi Win, our staff has many years of experience in making sushi and sashimi to your taste. We also assure that our customers leave satisfied and eager to return soon afterwards. With the design of our restaurant and friendly staff, the ambiance and atmosphere of our restaurant is always welcoming and pleasing for our guests. Our sushi has a wide variety that our guests can choose from and alters are always accepted to please our customers taste and preference.

our menu


Lunch time: 11am-3pm
Dinner time: 4pm-9pm


Lunch time: 12pm-3pm
Dinner time: 4pm-9pm



32214 Ellingwood Trail # 203, Evergreen, CO 80439